Wow, the last day of the con. I will be posting a full text recap later on, but I really wanted to share the photos sooner. I need some time to compose my thoughts.

 Me photobombed by a little kid (far left), standing with Captain America Stormtrooper, Steampunk Chewbacca, and a Rebel Pilot.

 Me with a Dalek, trying to act scared. Yeah, not so much. This Dalek was awesome in that it was motorized.

 Pretty decent Dr. Horrible. I was on the lookout through the whole con for a Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer group. Saw several of each individually but never together (or in vicinity) to get a group shot.

Me as Amy Pond fighting the Silence with a River Song cosplayer. (And my brother pulling a very impressive Wil Wheaton face as he photobombs us.)