After feverishly writing all last week (some days more feverish than others), I succeeded in accomplishing goal #1 for the year.

Post with my 2014 Writing Goals and Hopes

Goal #1 was to finish the superhero book by mid-January. Well, by my calculation mid-January hit today.

And I officially wrote “The End” on draft one of the novella on Saturday. The book is rough and would need a lot of editing. I’m still trying to determine the relative futility of editing and polishing the book.

You may have seen my Tumblr posts or Twitter posts about wanting to cry on Saturday night. It was in relation to a book review I read on a geeky news site I follow. One about people with super powers. One about people with superpowers eerily like mine.

A book which I had not heard of let alone read before Saturday night.

So, goal #1 accomplished and onward toward accomplishing goal #2.

How are your WiPs going?