The Power of Cosplay — September 16, 2013

The Power of Cosplay

I’m just over a week, now, since my first and second ever cosplays. What an experience. And what a difference between the two cosplays.

I blogged a while back about my apprehension leading into my first cosplay and con. (That blog post is titled “On Cons and Cosplay” if you’re curious. Also click the stuff in quotes to read that post, if you want.)

In that blog post, I obliquely talked about an obscure choice for a cosplay. As it turned out, I didn’t get to do that cosplay.

For those wondering, this is what I was going to cosplay.

I fully intended to go as Catherine Tate’s character in this comedy sketch. I had bought the clothes and jewelry, and the wig. Turns out, the wig I bought didn’t like to be put into a pony tail of any sort.

It was on to Plan B, which was to cosplay as Amy Pond, since I had the red wig.

This is the final result:

I don’t know what face I’m trying to pull in that one. Oh well. (And that’s my brother pulling an excellent Wil Wheaton-esque photo bomb.)

You can barely see the hash marks on my arms as I’m cosplaying Amy from “Day of the Moon” and its related episodes. I’m fighting the silence.

Props to the woman cosplaying River Song. Excellent detail work on her cleric army uniform.

This was my second cosplay of the con. I was originally only going to attend the last day but then lucked into a 3-day pass. Through the entire weekend I probably saw at least a dozen others cosplaying this same thing. Sigh for thinking I was thinking outside the box. Oh well.

The day before I was sitting at work and struck on a brilliant idea for a cosplay. So brilliant, in fact, I questioned why I never thought of it before. I called my mom to ask her to check the costume boxes in our holiday storage room to make sure we still had the pieces. She only found half the costume. At which point I realized the rest was hanging in my closet.

So this was the result:

Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty.

Talk about kind of obscure.

But this was honestly the best day of the con for me. When people got it, and got the weeping angel part, it was so fun. The smiles were so fantastic. And what’s funny is that this isn’t even the most accurate cosplay in the history of cosplay.

I didn’t have the hair right at all. No way can my natural hair replicate the statue’s hair. Nor did I have any sort of face or body paint. If I were to ever cosplay this again, I’d make the costume over from scratch so it was long enough and do the teeth, wig, and paint job. (This was my Halloween costume when I was about 10. My mom made it for me and I’ve worn it three or so times since for various purposes.)

I knew, of course, going into the con that there would be some there who wouldn’t get it and think “How odd, she’s just cosplaying the Statue of Liberty.”

Of course, too, it hit a second fandom– Ghostbusters. (They bring her to life in Ghostbusters II). Which, when I happened upon the Ghostbusters of SLC booth, made for an absolutely brilliant fandom moment.

The smiles this cosplay generated are honestly what has me already plotting my cosplays for next year’s con. And I’m trying so hard to think outside the box since my last-minute, what I thought was really obscure, cosplay was a hit and made me happy because it made other people happy. And a bigger hit than my Amy Pond cosplay.

Though it is so liberating to become a character (I can totally see the appeal in acting), the true power of cosplay is making others smile, brightening their day a bit. That is what will have me coming back for more cosplaying.

Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 Day 3 Photos! — September 8, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 Day 3 Photos!

Wow, the last day of the con. I will be posting a full text recap later on, but I really wanted to share the photos sooner. I need some time to compose my thoughts.

 Me photobombed by a little kid (far left), standing with Captain America Stormtrooper, Steampunk Chewbacca, and a Rebel Pilot.

 Me with a Dalek, trying to act scared. Yeah, not so much. This Dalek was awesome in that it was motorized.

 Pretty decent Dr. Horrible. I was on the lookout through the whole con for a Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer group. Saw several of each individually but never together (or in vicinity) to get a group shot.

Me as Amy Pond fighting the Silence with a River Song cosplayer. (And my brother pulling a very impressive Wil Wheaton face as he photobombs us.)

Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 Day 2 Photos! — September 7, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 Day 2 Photos!

Wow, what a great second day. I last-minute decided today to cosplay. It was subtle, but fantastic when people got it. I might be getting a bit addicted to this whole cosplay thing. I had a lot of fun moments today.

Two Weeping Angels posing together. This was pretty early on in the day before I’d done too much.

Now, this was pretty epic and fantastic. My cosplay really worked for two fandoms today. The Whovians who got my costume got super excited. But these guys probably gave me one of my favorite moments of the day. While posing, one of their other members off to the side started to quote Ghostbusters II at me. Hilarious! Thanks, Ghostbusters of SLC for making my day fantastic!

These gals totally loved my and got my cosplay right off the bat. Kudos to them for for the sonic screwdriver action.

This was awesome. There’s a real person inside that suit walking around the event floor. Awesome.

Me with Simon Fisher-Baker. He fully got my cosplay right off the bat. Thank you Mr. Fisher-Baker for being so sporting to pose in an awesome way for me. (And for letting me re-take it when we discovered my face was blocked by my arm.)

Me and John de Lancie. Very nice man, love him for his work in various Star Trek franchises. Gave me an awesome memory by actually acting interested in the origins of my cosplay.

Salt Lake Comic Con Day 1! — September 6, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con Day 1!

Ahahahahahaha! Best day ever!

This geek girl is on a cloud right now.

Some photos:

Glenn Morshower. Awesome panel. Totally so glad I happened upon this one.

Cosplay 101 panel. Very interesting. I think I might have to hit up more of the cosplay panels.

 David Prowse and Peter Mayhew. For those who don’t know, it’s Darth Vader and Chewbacca. This was a totally awesome panel and so worth waiting in line for an hour for.

 Me with a Ten cosplayer. Saw him a bunch throughout the day and finally had the chance to snag a picture with him.

 Totally awesome Loki and Captain America cosplayers. Couldn’t resist the chance to get a photo with these two.

 ME WITH DWIGHT SCHULTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem. This was my giant fangirl moment of the day. His character in the Star Trek universe is one of my absolute favorites. I was so excited to get to meet him. Very nice man.

Me with an awesome Zelda cosplayer. The level of detail in this was amazing.

On Cons and Cosplay — August 23, 2013

On Cons and Cosplay

These last couple of years, it seems, I’ve been on a bit of a journey to find my nerd zen. This year has and will have some firsts for me.

I’ve only in recent months come to learn what the term cosplay means on a literal level. I saw the term all over the “Geek” board on Pinterest and never dared look it up. This in fear that it would be a euphemism of some sort. Turns out, it’s not.

And cosplay looks like it could be a lot of fun.

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to attend San Diego Comic Con. You can imagine my delight when Salt Lake announced its first annual con. The possibilities were endless. I spent days deciding what to do for my first cosplay. (Because if you’re going to geek out all over the place you might as well do it in style.)

As I approach my first cosplay, I’m now suffering a giant mix of emotions. I am incredibly excited about it. But at the same time, I’m feeling nervous. I’m the queen of random and obscure sometimes. That’s kind of what my cosplay is.

I’m not entering the contest at the comic con I’m attending. This is because I only bought the component pieces of my cosplay rather than make anything from scratch. My sewing skills are not anywhere near good enough to make a cosplay.

I was fine with this, with buying my cosplay, until this week when I watched Sy Fy’s “Heroes of Cosplay.” Watching these people make their costumes from scratch, with amazing technology and tools, I felt like such a poser.

Now I’m worried that I’ll be judged poorly for purchasing the items, for picking something so obscure, for daring to cosplay in the first place. I know it’s silly to think these things, but it’s a worry.

I think part of my worry stems from the “fake nerd girl” wave that I’ve tried to stay out of the middle of. And part of it stems from my apple-to-buffalo comparison of sewing/fabricating skills in comparison to the pros who comprise the cast of “Heroes of Cosplay.” It’s silly, I know, but now instead of being uber-excited for my first con and cosplay, I’m losing confidence.