WiP Wednesday 6/3/2013-6/9/2013 — June 12, 2013

WiP Wednesday 6/3/2013-6/9/2013

This week? Progress? Yeah, not so much.

I’ve once again fallen out of love with the adventure novel. My heart is just not in it. So I’ve decided to take another break from it and see what happens the next time I open the manuscript.

I’ve got some secret stuff I’m working on right now that’s keeping my toes in the writing waters. But that’s all I’m going to say for now.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 5/27/13-6/2/13 — June 5, 2013

WiP Wednesday 5/27/13-6/2/13

I wrote about 4100 words this week on the adventure novel. I’m starting to slog through it again which is sad because I had such renewed zeal for the book when I started up with it again a month or so ago. Maybe my enthusiasm for it will resurge. I don’t think I’ll ever revise this book or shop it around or anything. But it’s been fun to write outside my normal genre for a while.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 5/20/13-5/26/13 — May 29, 2013

WiP Wednesday 5/20/13-5/26/13

I’ve debated whether to post this progress update since I think I wrote 50 words last week.

I have a very valid reason for it though. I spent the majority of last week driving through parts of 4 states as my family and I traveled for my Grandfather’s funeral in California and burial in southern Utah. It was a long week with a lot of hours spent in the car. And I get sick easily on the road so writing and reading don’t happen on road trips. Then all that time spent with family I haven’t seen since the last big event doesn’t leave time for writing. Not when visiting and condoling is, honestly, much higher priority than writing.
The funeral was beautiful and the burial was incredibly moving. He was buried with full military honors, which is an awe-inspiring thing.
WiP Wednesday 5/13/13-5/19/13 — May 22, 2013

WiP Wednesday 5/13/13-5/19/13

Another week gone and time for reporting on it.

I have set aside revisions and am not looking likely to ever icky them up again. At least not on Dragon’s Steam. I don’t know why but every time I get the urge to revise it, as soon as I start, the urge and interest go away.
As for Hammer of the Gods, that one is going well. I added several thousand words to it during the course of the week. Which felt fantastic after a slow start coming off that long hiatus.
How are your WiPs going?
WiP Wednesday 5/5/13-5/11/13 — May 15, 2013

WiP Wednesday 5/5/13-5/11/13

I actually have decent progress to report. I’d been kind of slogging through writing, doing my best to get some sort of word count in each day. Most days I wasn’t that successful. Really, I was battling the inner doubt monster in order to get any words written.

I got almost all the way done with my revision read-through on the novella. One chapter of it left and I’ll have all my notes done so I can actually go in and revise it.

I did break the 20K mark on the adventure novel. I actually beat that goal by nearly 4K words. So that was major progress. My MC has moved from Norway to Germany in his travels. (If you ever get to read this book, you’ll understand what I mean.) I’m struggling with his voice. This book is written in 1st person and present tense so it’s proving quite a challenge. That is what revisions are for, however.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 4/28/13-5/4/13 — May 8, 2013

WiP Wednesday 4/28/13-5/4/13

Uh, yeah.

Progress on the revision was nominal at best. I had several nights of poor sleep which led to sleeping to the last possible moment so I wasn’t a zombie when it came to my day job. I’m still working on a read-through to get the bigger issue stuff. When I do something like this, I use the comments feature in my word processor after copying and pasting the entire story into a new file. The file with the comments gets renamed “Draft #” and the clean file gets the story name for a label. I’m aiming to have the read-through done this week so I can start in on revisions next week.

As for the first draft of the other book, progress was also pretty slow. I’m really rusty at this whole drafting thing after so many months off from writing. I’m looking to break at least the 20K mark this week (and will report in on that next week). I don’t know why but this time around trying to draft this book I’m not feeling so bad about the book. (I really hated it when I wrote the first 16K of the book a few months back so I put it in the dust drawer.)

How are your WiPs going?

Update Tuesday 7/1-7/7 — July 10, 2012

Update Tuesday 7/1-7/7

Another week gone. Before we know it we’ll be on the downward slide toward winter.

Oh wait, we already are. Stupid summer solstice. (I kid, I kid.)

Anyways. While we’re dying of heat here in Utah (seriously, it’s going to be 100+ the next three days), I am camped out in the basement where I still need socks on my feet.

What have I been doing while camping out in the basement?

Writing of course. (And Twittering, and Pinterest, and a lot of solitaire.)

I’ve been working like a madwoman on HotG. My goal is to have this book first drafted by the end of July. And not to brag but if I can maintain the mad pace I’ve set for myself, I’ll totally be there.

This book is a departure for me in so many ways. I started out writing it in third person past tense but about a paragraph into it I switched that over to first person past tense.

Then just over 5K into it, I switched that all over to first person present tense. And I’ve continued to write in that combination the entire week. I’m not sold on it. More times than not I set aside books that are written in first person present tense. The main reason I do so is that I’m not connecting to the character or story. But I do feel like the POV and tense combination is a contributing factor to that.

I digress.

In the date range in this post title I’ve written 12,152 words on HotG. I ended the week slightly behind. I should have ended at an even 12,500 minimum word count to be truly on track for completion at the end of the month. But Saturdays are nearly impossible when it comes to writing.

How are your WiPs going?

Update Tuesday: 6/24-6/30 — July 3, 2012

Update Tuesday: 6/24-6/30

Wow. Where did the first half of the year go? I can’t believe it’s already July.

Let’s see. Woven is off to betas. Thank you so much to all those who offered. If I didn’t take you up on the offer, don’t despair. I may still need you a couple drafts from now.

While Woven is away for summer camp, I’ve been feverishly working on research for Jason McDaniels and the Hammer of the Gods. (That’s a mouthful so it will now be HOG for purposes of brevity.) I know I’ve been venting my research woes here on the blog. Thank you for putting up with that. I promise my blog posts will become more random instead of being stuck on Pete and Repeat.

I finished most of the research I needed to do. Enough that I could actually sit down on Saturday and plot out the entire book. This is going to be an adventure novel. I’m aiming for around 60-65K for word count. It’s YA, but a bit on the older end of the YA spectrum. I’m aiming to have it finished or mostly finished by the end of the month. It’s a tall order but I think I can fill it.

How are your WiPs going?