The Downside of Traditional or Epic Fantasy — October 8, 2012

The Downside of Traditional or Epic Fantasy

In re-evaluating the self-imposed deadlines I set for myself, I started thinking about the wisdom of writing the books sitting in my brain.

On the one hand, I feel like there are so many characters and stories in there right now there isn’t room for more, for different. That’s the biggest factor that makes writing these stories right now so appealing.

On the other hand, all these books hinge on Woven and its trilogy getting published. Events that are the crux of the story in Heirs of the Seven Realms inform the events of pretty much everything else. Characters sometimes cross over from book to book, and sometimes one story’s book will have a side or tertiary character whose offspring appears later.

Someone remind me not to ever come up with and entertain so many stories that cross each other again, okay?

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WiP Wednesday 7/27 — July 27, 2011

WiP Wednesday 7/27

How is it Wednesday again?  Anyway.


I finished the final major revision.  I had the manuscript printed and coil-bound on Monday and am using that for final proofreading and to help me with the synopsis.  (More on that in tomorrow’s blog post.)

It’s exciting and unnerving at the same time to think that I might be sending this darling into the world as early as sometime next week.

I continue to revise and tweak my query letter.  Hopefully I’m close.  Once the main synopsis is done I’ll have to set about contracting it to one page, two pages, and maybe even five, depending on how long it starts out at.  My list of agents to query have varying requirements on the length of the synopsis they want, if one is asked for at all.  So that adds an extra challenge to the process but I’m up for it.

Mirror, Mirror:

Well, first off, CHAPTER 5 IS DONE!

Ahem.  Sorry.

Secondly, I have to come with a new (working) title.  See, I discovered that a pretty popular author has already used this title for one of their books.  I know you can’t copyright titles, but I’m just not going to go there with this one.  So, I’m back at the drawing board.

I decided over the weekend that I needed to re-design a palace and city that my characters are headed for in the next chapter so that’s stalled me a little as I sit stumped at my computer trying to figure out a layout for both that will both be realistic and serve the needs of my characters and story.

A Day Late — July 7, 2011

A Day Late

And many dollars short.  Hee hee.

Sorry for not getting a WiP update to you guys yesterday.  I’ve fallen into a funk.  There’s a lot going on in my personal life right now that is really dragging down everything else.

I’m plugging away at chapter 5 in the traditional fantasy WiP.  This chapter has turned into a beast of a thing.  It won’t end right now.  It just keeps going.  I’m either too much a slave to the rough outline I wrote out for myself or I’m throwing in too much unnecessary stuff.  Or both.

Revisions on the contemporary fantasy will commence when I’ve finished beta reading for two friends.  Which I’m hoping to get done by the end of the weekend.  (I’m sorry, guys.  I’m a total fail at beta reading right now. 😦 )

Fortunately for me, the muse seems to be really focused on the current project.  I haven’t had an SNI hit me yet in this project.  *knocks wood*

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 6/22 — June 22, 2011

WiP Wednesday 6/22

Let’s see.  Where should I begin.

Lodestar is still sitting pretty waiting to be revised.  I have excellent (at least I think they are) ideas for where to go from here.  I’m eager to jump back into the revising ring.

My YA high fantasy is trucking along.  I’m in chapter 4 and and it’s going remarkably smooth.  The plot is still throwing some surprises my way, which is entertaining.  (Mostly it’s character stuff that’s cropping up but those character things are having some impact on events of the plot and how things unfold.)

Over the weekend I had a couple of scenes from a brand new story pestering me so I started writing it.  This one’s just a short story.  I’ll probably cap it somewhere in the 8K-10K mark.  Currently it is titled Blood Blessed though that might change after I finish the story.  (I just needed a placeholder since I already have a story on my hard drive named “New story.”)

How are your WiPs going?

High Fantasy — June 21, 2011

High Fantasy

So, it’s no secret that I write fantasy.  Usually it’s high/traditional fantasy though I have tried my hand at the contemporary side of things.

Why do I love high/traditional fantasy so much?  I’ve been thinking about it because while I write it I can’t help but wonder about the genre distinction between the two.

I loved Lord of the Rings when I finally read it as a junior in high school.  (Scandal, I know. I call myself a fantasy author but I didn’t read the tomeliest tome of them all until so late?  Outrage!)

What did I love the most about it?  How immersed in the world I was when reading it.  I did find it kind of hard to follow after Fellowship ended and we had the split narratives.  But I dealt with it.  I loved what I was seeing/reading.

Tamora Pierce and David Eddings were the two who really turned me on to fantasy, though.  With the former, I got great and fun fantasy settings, she has two created worlds she writes in, with characters I could relate to.  (Let’s be honest, character was not the focus of Tolkien’s work.)  With the latter, we got epic, sweeping stories that spanned the entirety of the characters’ known worlds.  And still characters to relate to and root for.

I read the Hobbit and fell in love with Middle-Earth again, though this time there seemed to be more balance between character and setting.

Mercedes Lackey’s books came through my hands and I devoured her fantasy setting and the horse connection aspect of her world.

There have been other authors and books that have served to entrench my love of high/traditional fantasy but they are not coming to mind.

I think what I love most about fantasy is that anything is possible as long as the author and characters believe it and there is a reason for why it can happen.

WiP Wednesday 6/15 — June 15, 2011

WiP Wednesday 6/15

High Fantasy Draft:

I still have no title for the book I’m writing.  But that’s okay.

I’m loving this story.  It’s kind of fun, trying to write a YA high/traditional fantasy.  I’m worried that my MC isn’t sounding teen enough, but it isn’t like she’s a contemporary teen.  Her struggles will be the same, but I think I have a little room to play with the voice.  So, yeah.  We’ll see.

I’m in chapter 3 right now.  I know, slow progress, right?  But the thing is this book only has 15 planned chapters.  (Thereabouts.)  So, there’s wiggle room for adding chapters.

I’m writing this one longhand, off-computer.  Which has its plusses and minuses.  I’ve also decided not to type out what I write until I’m done with the book.  Or when I’ve filled a notebook full of written material.  I think I’ll make that final call when I get there.  But I think I need to fill about 3 notebooks, minimum, to have the book at a decent word count when it’s done.  Maybe four so there’s room for making cuts that will be needed.


This book is in “let it sit” mode.  When I finish the first draft of the above book, I’ll return to revising this one.  I had an excellent brainstorming session with a dear writer friend and now have some very good ideas for what to look at and change in the book.

It’s weird, but I think I’m kind of excited to attack this round of revisions.

How are your WiPs going?