LDStorymakers 2014 Conference — April 28, 2014

LDStorymakers 2014 Conference

I don’t get to go to writer’s conferences very often. (I’m still finding my feet in this adult world I’ve found myself in.) But when I do, I generally come away feeling a mix of super-motivated and overwhelmed-by-my-suckitude.

I shouldn’t, but I do.

This past weekend was the annual LDStorymakers conference. I’ve been to it once before. It’s a pretty awesome conference, if I may say so. (Since I have nothing else to compare it to, I may be biased.) This year was just as good (if not a teensy bit better) than when I went two years ago.

Two years ago, I was in the early rounds of revisions on Woven. I’d only finished the manuscript maybe six months before the conference back then. Now it’s been through many revisions, a change of POV which required heavy rewriting in sections of the book, and more revisions are to come.

I came away from Storymakers feeling totally inspired and buoyed up in my own abilities and with more confidence in my ability to revise effectively.

There were awesome classes and awesome people. I can’t wait to dig into this next set of revisions. I think my favorite class may have been the genre mashup class. It was just plain fun and taught by two very awesome people. (One’s a Whovian of some degree! Total win!) But maybe it was the one on creating great villains. Or the one about navigating revisions. (She was not afraid to tell us that crit groups can have their cons alongside the pros. I’ve definitely been in crit groups that weren’t helpful or viable.)

Or maybe it was the one on the author-agent relationship. You get the drift? So many amazing classes. The conference center was jam packed with people all there for the same reason. To learn and improve and grow.

I’ve set solid deadlines for myself so if you see me goofing off online anywhere, Tsk at me and tell me to get back to work.