When to Move On — March 29, 2013

When to Move On

I was thinking the other day about all the various projects left abandoned in various stages on my computer hard drive, back up discs, or in the form of scattered notes stuffed in a box somewhere.

I think it can break down about like this:

One completed novel that will never be revised
One MG novel left in the germination notes stage
Three YA novels left in the world-building, germination notes stage
One film screenplay in the development stages
One script for a television show I watch, started but not finished
Five short stories left unfinished
Four poetry collections left unfinished
Two completed adult novels that will never be revised
One NA novel left unfinished
One adult novel queried but never going further than that
One novella completed but I’m on the fence about revising

It’s all part of the process, I guess, learning to recognize when to move on from something. Learning how to recognize when a story isn’t in your heart enough to justify continuing on with it.

Apparently it’s a lesson I’ve learned pretty well. And I think that’s true, of me, at least. I don’t write something unless it absolutely has grabbed me by the throat. Like my next book idea.

Yes, I’m coming off writing hiatus in April and will be drafting a new book. I love this book idea and will definitely be seeing it through.

This idea, though, of needing to have a story firmly in my heart to see it to completion has me worried about all the book ideas I have planned for the world of Heirs of the Seven Realms. (The series name for Woven, which is out on query right now.) Most of them have slight crossovers with other books, and most take place after Heirs with direct consequences stemming from the events of both Heirs and Curse of Life. (The book I have in revisions right now.)

I’m tempted to write the first draft of all of them, just so I know they get finished. But at the same time that feels like a bad use of my time, considering they can’t get published unless Heirs does.

To Throw or Not to Throw — January 4, 2013

To Throw or Not to Throw

That’s really the question I’m facing right now. I’m not sure whether it’s time to throw in the towel on certain dreams and walk away. Even as I consider it, the wise words of someone I once met echo in my head. But my brain rebels and I sink ever more slowly into the abyss of not caring. Into the chasm whence dreams go to die a lingering and painful death.

It’s not rejection, per se, that’s got me blue and considering leaving writing behind. It’s just this overwhelming sense of my entire life being one giant example to prove the point that my best will never be good enough in any arena.

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Footloose and Fancy-free Friday Moving on — August 20, 2010

Footloose and Fancy-free Friday Moving on

It’s time for me to move on.  (No, not from the blog.)

For the past several weeks, I’ve blogged, Facebooked, and Tweeted about my so-called “secret project.”

I called it that for a reason.  I knew if I talked too much about this project, and it ultimately failed to become viable, I’d feel even more heartache than if I’d stayed quiet.  It was too much to hope for, that I’d get this off the ground.

In point of fact, my secret project was a mission to save Oracles Promise.  (For those newer followers, this was my second book.  The one I wrote just previous to the one I’m currently revising.)

My journey with this book has been long, rocky, and paved with break-ups and reunions.  I outlined the completed draft in painstaking detail.  (There’s a reason it came out at a whopping 95 pages long.)  I did this in an attempt to see where I could expand, where plots and characters could be added in.  This would be (to quote the Scott Pilgrim poster) “an epic of epic epicness” when completed.  Something akin to Tokien’s masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings.  (I can delude myself well.)

The world at large will never know these characters, or their story.  But they’ve been my companions on the rockiest stretch of my writing journey thus far.  In a way, they were there to comfort me and shelter me in the wake of losing my father and growing up.  (Something which I’ll contend I’ve yet to fully do.)

Thanks everyone for your support through all of this.

WiP Wednesday: Breaking Up is Hard to Do — March 17, 2010

WiP Wednesday: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

For a girl who’s never had a boyfriend (not that I’m complaining), I’ve sure had my share of breakups.  Of course, they’re all with fictional characters.

But this is the worst I’ve gone through.

Friday night I officially decided to permanently shelve Oracles Promise.  Every scrap to do with the novel now sits in a banker’s box in our storage room.  It’s got a pretty label.  Something like “Sunstone Saga box #1.”  And it will sit there for a long time, calling to me.

When I told my mom, in very supportive fashion she asked “Are you okay?”  It was very nice.  Because I’m not entirely okay.  But the decision had to be made.  I’d rather make it before embarking on a  lot of wasted hours in revisions than go through ten rounds of edits and realize it still needed to be shelved.

My reasons?  The book is beyond salvaging.  And my heart is not in the book as it needed to be.  (In both senses.  I didn’t like the direction the book needed to go to be publishable and thus my heart just was not in the edits.)

So I’m going to move on to Lodestar and my bright shiny new idea.  I’ll be working on re-plotting the former and researching for the latter.  Hopefully in April I’ll be ready to begin anew on Lodestar.  So, those writerly goals for the year?  I’m throwing out the one that said to have a project ready to query come September.  Because that won’t happen if I’m just starting on draft 1 redux of Lodestar.

But the good news is that I’ve learned some valuable lessons which I will be sharing in the coming weeks.  (How’s that for cryptic?)

How are you WiPs going?