We interrupt this blog… — November 29, 2009

We interrupt this blog…

Today I have a bit of a PSA.  If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the posts about a man named Devon Hollahan.  Devon went missing in Frankfurt, Germany just before Thanksgiving.  He and a friend were attending a concert there, on vacation from Prague where he teaches English.

His father is my aunt’s brother.  (She is my aunt by marriage.)  The State Department, US Embassy, Frankfurt police, among others are all involved in searching for Devon.  Please pray for his safety and for a happy end to this ordeal.

Thank you.

Devon’s father, Jeff, spoke on the Today Show about it.

If you’re on Twitter, you can search Devon’s name and get the latest.  My mom spoke with my uncle today and they said authorities found nothing pertinent on Devon’s computer.  It is still a complete mystery what happened to him.

Please spread the word by re-posting this, or simply linking to it, on your blog.

Sorry — October 23, 2009


Apologies, friends, for the lack of content today.  For the last few weeks, this spot has been taken by Fiction Friday.  I no longer have material suitable for FF so I have abandoned the feature.  I may revisit it in the future, but that is uncertain.

As such, I regrettably have yet to come up with a suitable replacement for Fiction Friday and so will only be posting this apology today.

Stay tuned next week for our October edition of Tantalus Tuesday (bet you’d forgotten about that one, huh?) and an exciting post about consistency.  (Oooh, did you just get goosebumps?  I did.  *eyeroll*)


WiP Wednesdays 10/21 — October 21, 2009

WiP Wednesdays 10/21

I was in full procrastination mode this week, in case you couldn’t tell.  I redecorated over here a couple of times in the process.  And it’s clear that I’m a black and white girl.  I tried the color thing, but I just couldn’t get the text colors right.
What’s that?  Oh, you want me to get on with the actual real content?

Tough.  You’re getting something else first.

I got my acceptance e-mail last night.  It’s officially official that I’m both insane and going back to school.

So that’s that.  Now on to business.

I wrote out the history that I’d been needing to write for the last 3 weeks.  Finally.  That happened Monday night.  Then Tuesday I spent doing other things like falling asleep and I really am not sure what else.

Oh yeah, I wrote for the first time in 3 weeks.  Only 592.  But still, I wrote!  Tomorrow can only get better.  But I’ve got 70-something days to finish Lodestar and Oracles Promise.  Because that’s when my school starts up again.  And I’ll be working on the days I don’t have school, trying to fit homework in between that, and then trying to stay sane.  But it’ll be a good insanity.

So that’s it for status updates.  How is everyone else doing with their projects?

It’s official — October 19, 2009

It’s official

I’m insane.  iminsaneiminsaneiminsaneiminsane

Do I need to say it any more times?

I’m insane.

I’m going back to school.

Because, you know, two college degrees aren’t enough.


This is really gonna put a crimp on my writing time and such.  But it won’t happen until January.  (If I get in at all.)  I know it’s been said we shouldn’t talk about rejections on our blogs.  But this isn’t the type of rejection that I have to avoid speaking of.  I really don’t think I’ll not get in, but you never know.  They might look at my transcripts and such and be all, “You’ve got two degrees.  No, we can’t let you in.  You’re on your own.”  You never know.

But, yeah, that’s the plan right now.  I’ll be hopefully getting a bachelor’s degree in art and visual communication.  So I’ll be taking drawing classes, photography classes, and learning all about typography and such things as go into the design of a book.  Well, my emphasis will be on graphic design.  So it’ll be fun.  I’m really excited about the prospect.

Now I just need to get Oracles Promise and  Lodestar finished before I go back to school.

Taking a moment away — July 31, 2009

Taking a moment away

I’m just going to take a moment away from the usual blogging schedule here to get a little personal.

I am so deeply appreciative of all the support you all have been giving me through my blog. It’s support I’m not getting anywhere else. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I’d hug you all if I could, but just consider yourself virtually hugged with this post.

Thank you all again.


Novice Writer Anonymous

A Life in Freefall — July 24, 2009

A Life in Freefall

Life gets away from me sometimes.

At the beginning of the summer, being unemployed and free from school was liberating. It was exciting. I had time to read for pleasure again. And there was time to work on my creative projects too! Happy day!

Now, my life is in freefall. It’s nearly the end of July. I haven’t done near as much as I’d hoped in regards to reading, writing, etc.

And unemployment really bites you in the heiney sometimes, you know?

Maybe my unemployment is why none of my characters are in dire financial straits. (Is that the right one? Is it straights?) They all live nice comfortable lives. Granted, they all have magic too (or are royalty if they don’t have magic) and so life gets pretty cushy for them. They can essentially get their hands on whatever they want just by dropping a few coins or working their literal magic on something. (Of course, magic always has its limits, but it is pretty brilliant for what it can do.)

Pretty boring, I know, but writing is my escape and escape right now for me means a life that is comfortable and secure with some financial backing.

Must work harder on characterization. Now off to the grindstone.

Sorry for the sort of off-topic ranting but I just need to put it out there somewhere. Especially as I’m looking into more training/schooling in order to get into a position with a practically guaranteed job for me and start feeling like I’m just giving up on 6 years of education.

Some have Michael Jackson, I have… — July 9, 2009
Off-topic venting update — July 8, 2009

Off-topic venting update

My reprinted diploma came today. The date’s still wrong. The graduate commencement was May 1 while the undergraduate commencement was May 2. My diploma says May 2. I can’t decide if I care enough to call about it. But at least my name’s spelled right this time, right?

Off-topic venting — July 3, 2009