Top 10 Reasons I might not hit my goal word count today (or any day) — August 13, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I might not hit my goal word count today (or any day)

10- I’m lazy sometimes

9- Pain of any sort

8- The stupid pen died or I lost my favorite pen

7- I’m mad at myself for writing crappy stuff and I want to just chuck it all

6- All my blogging buddies posted really funny stuff on their blogs that I want to keep reading and commenting on until all my time gets sucked into the black hole that took the USS Voyager into the Delta Quadrant

5- Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse so I am now being equipped with my own loud-breathing cybernetic suit

4- The Borg assimilated me so I’m too focused on world domination in Fairway Solitaire

3- My brain is too full of contemporary sci-fi references to write my own fantasy properly

2- I’m angry at stupid hypocrites and stupid time-saving devices

And the #1 reason?

Job-hunting…I’d like to time travel a few hundred years into the future and be aboard the Enterprise.

The Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Novice Writer Anonymous — July 22, 2009

The Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Novice Writer Anonymous

Tess Hilmo today unofficially tagged all her followers to continue the 10 Things tradition so here goes. My Top 10 things are as follows:

10- I’m perpetually single, doomed to be so, and a hopeless romantic thanks to Disney.

9- I’m acrophobic and creepy-crawly-phobic to ridiculous extremes. (Put the spiders and worms down, NOW!)

8- I’m the Queen of Saturn with a very spacious palace there. I’m known to host parties for my friends by sending my personal space shuttle to pick them up and deliver them to my palace.

My palace on Saturn, or a close approximation at least…

7- After abandoning successive plans for a PhD, an MFA, and a degree in culinary arts I’m now on the hunt for my first grown-up, “real world” job.

6- I’ve only ever really lived in 2 states in my life, with a brief interlude on the east coast.

5- I’m a Sagitarius with a well-developed wanderlust.

4- I’m an insane writer with more projects in progress than you can shake a stick at.

3- I love Indian food, Mexican food, Italian food, and a good burger. And throw in some cooked sushi for good measure. (Though I’ve only ever had sushi once in my life so I really don’t know why I crave it so much.)

2- I hate cold, I hate hot, and wish that it would stay 70 degrees all year long.

1- I’m insane because I’m thinking of adding another project to my WIP list. This time a memoir, which I have no idea how to write beyond knowing it should be topic based and knowing what topic I want everything to focus on.

Feel free to comment below and if you’d like to do this sort of thing yourself, consider this as me tagging you to do so.