Back in Business — April 19, 2018

Back in Business

Hi folks. Sorry about the long silence. Life and all that. But after some technical failures and some reshuffling, we are back in business. There probably still won’t be much content from me here but I will put more out than I have been. I hope.

Friendly Reminder! — December 23, 2014

Friendly Reminder!

Friendly reminder that my blog has moved. If you have redirecting to you will need to update to either my domain or to see new content from me.

Today has a cover reveal and excerpt for Heroes and Villains Book 3: Even Villains Have Interns by Liana Brooks

New Start — November 15, 2014

New Start

Hello friends.

You may or may not be reading this since I took the blog off my custom domain. If you are, you’ll want to delete this bookmark.

I’ve decided that it’s time to retire this particular blog. With a fresh start to my writing career comes a fresh start to the way I approach some of my social media.

My new blog is currently linked at and is on Blogspot as The latter will redirect to the custom domain. I’m still playing around with some settings and some layout stuff at the new blog so bear with any hiccups, please.

Mental Health and Writing. Specifically My Mental Health — September 15, 2014

Mental Health and Writing. Specifically My Mental Health

I may be nearing a point where I’m itching to get back into writing. There’s been an occasional urge, but I was so busy getting ready for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 that I didn’t.

But I’m close. I can feel the muse stirring again and asking to get some exercise. Which is a good thing. Keeping her healthy keeps my creativity healthy and keeps things balanced.

So you may someday soon see me tweeting again about writing and editing. But maybe not too soon, yeah?

A Serious Case of the Mondays — June 24, 2013

A Serious Case of the Mondays

Oh, Monday, how I loathe you. I really have a bad case of the Mondays today. There’s all this stuff I know I need to do. All these projects to work on, books to read, real life stuff to deal with. But I don’t want to. All I want to do is crawl back into bed and wake up when life makes sense.

I can already tell my productivity levels are going to be below normal today. I just feel it in my bones, to use the expression. The sad thing is that I suffer this every Monday.

When did I sign up to be an adult and can I back out of the contract now?

When I Should Be Writing — June 17, 2013

When I Should Be Writing

I should be writing every day, every afternoon or evening. Whenever the hours are mine to command. Lately, when I should be writing I’ve been playing video games or mindlessly surfing the internet or watching something on television. (Mind you, the pickings are slim in the summer.) When I should be writing or working on writing-related projects (like plotting and world building) I’m not. But that’s going to start to change this week.

This week I’ve put up the video games and am pulling out the laptop again. It’s time to refocus on goals and dreams.

RIP Grandpa — May 20, 2013

RIP Grandpa

I was at one point going to post a wrap-up on the whole Clara mystery now we’ve seen the finale.

But not now. My grandpa passed away over the weekend and I just can’t blog about fluff. Armed forces day was on Saturday and when I remembered I wanted to cry all over. My grandpa served in the army during WWII. He flew B-17s over Europe. At one point he was shot down and didn’t know of he’d landed in friendly territory or not. They didn’t wear their shows when flying the planes so he wandered around barefoot for a couple days.
He lived a full and long life. And death was a blessing in some ways. But we’ll miss him.
Drowning — July 25, 2012


I sink in an ocean of care, reaching for beams of sunlight. But the untouchable beams evade my grasp. I swim for the weightless freedom of open air. But shadows grip my ankles, weighing me ever down. I cannot escape the shadows, the cares. They steal my dreams, my sleep, my hopes. I sink in an ocean of care.

Finding the Gold at the Rainbow’s End: Or, Figuring out Voice — June 7, 2012

Finding the Gold at the Rainbow’s End: Or, Figuring out Voice

Voice. Sigh.

So ambiguous. So nebulous.

Or is it?

After Storymaker’s earlier this month I decided to sit down and focus an entire draft on character voice. (Narrative voice is another beast in and of itself for the current manuscript. I’m writing in 3rd person so it’s similar, but not quite the same as the character voice.)

This has proved a rather daunting task. It took me days just to prepare for the revision. First, I went through the manuscript and highlighted all the characters’ dialogue, all in different colors. I had a color for everything. The MC and her three traveling companions, the antagonist, major secondary characters, and a whole lot of others.

The manuscript was very colorful at this point. (And confusing. I had to create a spreadsheet to track which colors I’d already used and which were available.)

Once the highlighting was done, I went back through the manuscript and started copying and pasting all that dialogue into different documents. One for each character.  That also took days (which is part of the days I already spoke of.) As I went through the manuscript for this process, I found myself eliminating a lot of the highlighting. I got rid of all the characters who didn’t have a name in the manuscript and all groups of characters who are just background noise that happens to provide a tidbit of information to my characters.

I still ended up with a lot of documents.

One thing the copying and pasting process showed me was how some of the characters (even the MC and her traveling companions) dominate all conversations while others just sort of pipe up to remind us they’re around. I mean, one of her love interests (there’s a maybe-not-so-subtle love rectangle in the book) has 11 pages of dialogue when all is said and done. The MC is sitting pretty at 50 pages of dialogue when it’s all put together.

The Magic of Books (or Magic of Story) — May 31, 2012

The Magic of Books (or Magic of Story)

A couple Sundays ago I sat down to read one of the many books on my TBR pile. (I’ve managed to get the pile down to 15 books.)  The book I picked up was “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow” by Jessica Day George. (Go, buy, read. But only after you read this blog post.)

The book is very good on its own. But what made it magical for me was the memories.  As I read the book and the mystery surrounding the main character started to unfold, suddenly I realized this book was based on the same tale as  movie I’d once watched.

By once watched, I mean I rented it half a dozen times or more (as memory serves) from Blockbuster when I was a young’un. (Man I feel old.) This movie was titled “The Polar Bear King.” I adored that movie. Recently I may have discovered it on Netflix and thought I’d eventually sit down and rewatch the movie that brings such warm fuzzies to my heart.

Then I read the book. And I wanted to watch the movie even more. Then I realized, that I don’t want to break that magic. Reading the book took me back to a simpler time when I didn’t have the cares I have now. Sure there was bad stuff going on at the time. My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 7 and died when I was 15. This movie was somewhere between ages almost-ten and almost-thirteen. I know because my memory tells me which house we were living in at the time.

The book itself was very good from a purely rational point of view. The power of memories, that recollection of another beloved version that was no less magical than the book though a very different version of the tale, is what made it magical.

Is there a book that’s just pure magic for you because of the memories and associations you bring to the page as you read it?

Also, don’t forget to enter the 500 posts giveaway! Your odds are still really great when it comes to winning prizes. I’ll draw for prizes in early June.