WiP Wednesday 5/25/2016 — May 26, 2016

WiP Wednesday 5/25/2016

Right, I was going to post progress updates on the blog for now. Sorry for neglecting that.

I’ve made small progress in the current fantasy WiP. This one is switching POVs back and forth, though the female lead is getting more screen time than the male lead. This one’s a traditional fantasy set in the same universe as Woven. But it’s not tied into the overall storyline Woven is part of.

The WiP is currently sitting at a little over 14K. I’m aiming for 70K for this first draft. We’ll see if the story stretches that far in this first go. I tend to add sub-plots and twists once I’ve got the story out on paper.

WiP Wednesday 4/20/14 to 4/26/14 — April 30, 2014

WiP Wednesday 4/20/14 to 4/26/14

Crazy busy week last week, but I did manage to get a little bit of work in.

I wrote and revised and rewrote my query for Woven several times in the last week. (I even got a critique on it by an awesomely nice real-live agent.) That’ll get revised a couple more times in May before I start querying Woven in June.

Character sheets for the superhero short story I’m working on were created this last week. Those are mostly done. I’ll still continue to tweak them and expand them as the days go by. However, I have also started writing the short story. I think you’re going to like these characters, friends. Keep your fingers crossed it gets accepted for the anthology I’m submitting it to.

The short story stands just shy of 850 words right now. The first draft is due at the end of the week. (Deadline I set for myself.) I should make it there piece of cake.

First round of revisions are nearly done on the first superhero novella (hereon referred to as RotWR). I’m rewriting the ending so it’s more action-packed and stuff which is why it’s going a bit slower than it should.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 3/3/14-4/6/14 — April 9, 2014

WiP Wednesday 3/3/14-4/6/14

The first round of edits on Superhero Novella #1 is nearly done. This first pass was mostly to fox plot inconsistencies, timeline issues, and figure out if certain twists were going to remain in the narrative and as part of the characters.

I say it’s nearly done because I ended up deleting about 5400 words at the end of the novella. Now I’m rewriting the ending entirely.
How are your WiPs going?
WiP Wednesday 3/16/14-3/22/14 — March 26, 2014

WiP Wednesday 3/16/14-3/22/14

Really, I don’t have any wordage to report. I have been letting the superhero novellas sit and stew. A lot.

The first one is pretty rough but can be saved without too much aggravation. The series arcs are starting to fall into place and thus the plots of the individual novellas.
These stories are definitely off the beaten path for me. New Adult to Adult age category and heavy on the romance aspect of the plotting. There’s probably a niche somewhere for these to fit. I just have to find it.
The series is currently sitting at five books. Only time will tell if that number grows.
How are your WiPs going?
WiP Wednesday 1/12/14-1/18/14: Goals Update — January 22, 2014

WiP Wednesday 1/12/14-1/18/14: Goals Update

Another week of the month, gone. How are your WiPs going?

Mine are going swimmingly. As are my 2014 Writing Goals

Goal #2 states to finish my Woven rewrite by the end of February at the latest. Well, when I wrote that goal I didn’t realize just how close to the end I was. Or how smoothly the last bit would go.

I officially finished the rewrite last Friday. It’s been sent off to a trusted beta for critique and I’m well on my way to meeting my goals for the year.

WiP Wednesday: A Goals Update — January 15, 2014

WiP Wednesday: A Goals Update

After feverishly writing all last week (some days more feverish than others), I succeeded in accomplishing goal #1 for the year.

Post with my 2014 Writing Goals and Hopes

Goal #1 was to finish the superhero book by mid-January. Well, by my calculation mid-January hit today.

And I officially wrote “The End” on draft one of the novella on Saturday. The book is rough and would need a lot of editing. I’m still trying to determine the relative futility of editing and polishing the book.

You may have seen my Tumblr posts or Twitter posts about wanting to cry on Saturday night. It was in relation to a book review I read on a geeky news site I follow. One about people with super powers. One about people with superpowers eerily like mine.

A book which I had not heard of let alone read before Saturday night.

So, goal #1 accomplished and onward toward accomplishing goal #2.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday First In September — September 18, 2013

WiP Wednesday First In September

Yeesh. Sorry for the lack of updates on the rewrite. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

A crazy couple of weeks with zero writing progress. As of this writing (which I’m writing this most recent Sunday), I haven’t written since Labor Day.

On Labor Day, I finished up the first draft of a short story I want to sub, but I’m not sure the sub call is still open. I have to check on that (as of writing this post, not it’s posting, I haven’t). It’s about 5500 words that I still have to revise and title. It’s set 180 or so years before Heirs of the Seven Realms begins and is the story of how the first fairy’s parents met.

I am buckling down this week on the Woven rewrite since I’ll be starting a new job soon and won’t get much writing done during the crazy transition period. New schedules will take some getting used to but I’ll get there and back in the swing of things with writing.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 8/26/13-9/1/13 — September 4, 2013

WiP Wednesday 8/26/13-9/1/13

Oh, progress, you elusive beast.

Admittedly, I could and should have done better this week at writing. I forgot to keep track of my progress in word count and only accounted for one day of my writing. That one day I wrote a mere 536 words. I have no recollection of writing any other day of the week but last Monday. At least not on my rewrite of Woven.

I’m working on a short story and hoping to sub it to an anthology. While I traditionally avoid writing on Sundays, this short story smacked me over the head with a plot and it had to be written down before I lost it entirely. The story’s not finished but it should be finished this week. Then it’s on to revisions.

The story is set in the same world as Woven but it takes place roughly 180 years in the past from the start of Woven. Events that are referenced and have direct consequence on the events of Heirs of the Seven Realms are explored a tiny bit in this short story.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday: 8/12/13-8/19/13 — August 21, 2013

WiP Wednesday: 8/12/13-8/19/13

Wow, what a week it was in the world of my writing. I have really striven with this rewrite to be sure I write as much anew as possible, rather than copying and pasting from the old drafts. That said, this week I reached a point in the story where some important reveals had to happen and I needed the details perfect. Which means I had a couple of large portions to copy-paste from the old manuscriipt.

All this led to a whopping week’s word count of 16,915 words.

It surprised me when I tallied that up.

How are your WiPs going?

WiP Wednesday 8/4/13-8/11/13 — August 14, 2013

WiP Wednesday 8/4/13-8/11/13

As is often the case, the best-laid plans often go awry. My goal this week was to get back on track to my 1K a day goal. And I did.

Until I didn’t.

As of 11 or so Saturday morning, I was fully on track. I had written just over 7200 words. About half an hour later, I’d deleted about 3K of those words.

The story had gone far astray and needed a course correction. Of course I had a plan (as my mom asked me when I told her this). It just went awry.

I’d been trying to play up an element of tension between two characters that ran pretty subtly through the original few drafts. I’m now working to make it more subtle and yet more present now. And that required a wholesale deletion of almost two days’ worth of work.

How are your WiPs going?